b. 1986, HK.


As a Social Entrepreneur I’m always seeking opportunities to help make the world a better place through visual storytelling that connects people to new ideas, resources, and communities.

I’m a Minneapolis based marketing strategist, producer, crowdfunder, photographer, and community organizer.  I’ve run social media campaigns for businesses ranging from small-startups to a billion dollar brand.  The crowdfunding campaigns I've managed have raised over $300,00 combined.  I’ve also produced ten time-based film competitions through which over 300 short films we’re made and premiered for a local audience.

Team building is at the heart of the vast majority of work I’ve done. With every project I’ve found ways to surround myself with individuals who are able to understand and execute tasks to reach a common goal. I enjoy being the point person to lead the team, to inspire those around me, and to deliver results.

CV available upon request.



Walker Art Center
The Herbivorous Butcher
Appetite for Change
Soap Factory
Birchwood Cafe
Committee Films