b. 1986, HK.


As a Social Entrepreneur I’m always seeking opportunities to help make the world a better place through visual storytelling that connects people to new ideas, resources, and communities.

I’m a Minneapolis based digital storyteller, marketing strategist, producer, crowdfunder, photographer, and community organizer.  I’ve run social media campaigns for businesses ranging from small local startups to a billion dollar brand.  The crowdfunding campaigns I've managed have raised over $350,00 combined.  I’ve also produced ten time-based film competitions through which over 300 short films we’re made and premiered for a local audience.

In my free time I like to explore on my vintage Yamaha motorcycle, binge watch short documentaries, check out what's new at the Walker Art Center and spend time with my family (especially my one-year-old niece).

CV available upon request.



Walker Art Center
The Herbivorous Butcher
Bim Bam Boo Paper
Appetite for Change
Zombie Pub Crawl
Committee Films
Birchwood Cafe
Soap Factory
Nature Valley